How to Storm-Proof Your Home for Next Year

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Install window shutters

In the case of storm or hurricane, windows could break if they are hit by tree branches or other flying objects such as pieces of plaster, wood, garden furniture etc. If you want to protect them, consider installing shutters.

Cut down dried trees and branches

Any time, a strong wind or heavy rain could break branches that may fall on the roof, damaging cover materials, but also breaking the windows of the house or, worse, injuring someone.

Make a plan to secure garden furniture

It is never too late for this. If you miss this aspect, you risk your garden furniture being taken by the wind and projected in different directions, including in the facade of your house, causing different levels of damage.

Make sure you can easily disconnect any power source

During a storm, any electrical appliance must be disconnected to avoid hazards. Flashlights, battery-powered lanterns and or other sources of light must be readily available, in a safe place.

Install a better and more durable roof

Roofing Sarasota contractors let us know that there are many roofing materials, some of which are more suitable than others to provide protection during storms and hurricanes. Call trusted roofing Sarasota professionals for advice on upgrading your roofing materials before the next storm season hits!

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