How to Know if You Need to Replace Siding after a Hurricane

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The exterior siding of the home is not necessarily something that people think much about. They install it for protection or for aesthetic reasons, they get used to it and then they ignore it most of the time. It is there, it`s a part of the house and… that’s it. However, regular maintenance is important because siding can be damaged.

A hurricane is a very severe weather phenomenon that typically comes with high winds (200-250 km/h), heavy rainfall and even hail. Roofing and siding materials are not immortal and can be damaged by this kind of weather, so you will have to remember about it, now and then – just enough to inspect it after a storm or a hurricane.

storm restoration Sarasota roofing contractors

In some severe situations, your roofing and siding may be damaged beyond repairs and it will have to be replaced quickly. But how can you be sure that you must replace your siding?

After a hurricane, take some time and look for significant cracks, warping, even missing siding materials. If the damage looks severe and obviously allows water infiltration, it is time to make the replacement plan with storm restoration Sarasota roofing contractors. Roofing contractors frequently handle siding and gutter installations and repairs concurrently.

Additionally, if your current siding is old and has lived through the extent of its lifetime, you should also consider replacing it.

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