Roof Storm Damage You can Receive in Florida


storm damage expert Boca Raton roofer

Florida receives many thunderstorms – some of its regions get more than 100 stormy days per year. The majority of all storms occur between August and October. In this context roof storm damage in Florida can be severe, especially if you do not pay too much attention to your roof. It is important to schedule inspections after major storms with a storm damage expert Boca Raton roofer. They can quickly assess and repair damages, before further interior water leaking damages occur.

Clay tiles are dominant roofing materials in the Sunshine State – and for a good reason: they form a stable and solid roof, able to withstand wind speeds up to 250 kmph. A ceramic roof is also watertight and provides very good sound insulation. However, at the same time, it has vulnerabilities that make it prone to a few types of storm damage.

First, clay tiles are heavy. Standard-weight is 12 pounds per square foot, which is significantly heavier than in the case of common asphalt roofs or modern metal roofs. During a storm, a ceramic roof is subject to a lot of stress, and a vulnerable resistance structure could break down. That`s why the installation of clay tiles must be preceded by an evaluation of the resistance structure as well as by reinforcement works, if they are necessary.

Secondly, clay tiles are more vulnerable to impact than other materials. Impact with hail stones, tree branches or other flying objects during a storm can damage the tiles, causing cracks or breaking them altogether.

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