Commercial Waterproofing Services

Eliminating and preventing water intrusion is the number goal in Florida. Our team provides a complete building envelope to simplify your project and protect your investment. From simple, traditional waterproofing systems to complex amenity decks and outdoor spaces, our team will keep your building dry.

Sheet Applied Waterproofing Membrane

This application is designed for waterproofing protection for horizontal and vertical applications, including below-grade foundation walls, slabs, decks, and tunnels. Sheet applied waterproofing membrane systems consist of self-adhering membranes, primer for surface preparation, liquid membranes for detailing, mastics to seal termination points and drainage composites for protection and water management.

Hot Applied Waterproofing Membrane

Where other contractors avoid the tough systems, we prefer them. Used on roof terraces, split slab construction for plaza decks and green roof systems, hot applied waterproofing is a single-component membrane that consists of a blend of asphalt and modified rubber polymers.

The result cures to form a strong, flexible, fully adhered, monolithic waterproofing and roofing membrane that ensures water will not migrate beneath the membrane in the event of physical damage.


Designed for projects from condominium balconies to parking garages, deck coating systems protect the structure by waterproofing the concrete substrate while providing an attractive wearing surface. Our team can install the systems and coatings needed for your project.

Below Grade Waterproofing Systems

Below grade waterproofing systems provide critical protection to important building components. Our team understands the needs of your specific building and can provide the correct systems for your project needs.


Available in applications ranging from self-adhering sheets and fluid-applied membranes to various forms of fabric wraps, air and vapor systems offer both breathable and non-breathable performance characteristics. Our team is here to help you understand the best solutions for your project needs. Options for above- and below-grade applications are available.

Caulking & Sealants

We install advanced, high-quality silicone, urethane, preformed foam sealants and preformed silicone extrusion systems that are designed to be both weatherproof and aesthetically enhance your building.

Water Repellents

We install clear, filmless, penetrating products for virtually all above-grade, vertical concrete, stucco, block, and brick masonry applications. The solution penetrates the substrate and chemically reacts to create a powerful barrier that is resistant to water penetration and ultraviolet and weather deterioration.

Cementitious Waterproofing

Cementitious waterproofing prevents the intrusion of chemicals, saltwater, sewage and other harmful materials. This application protects concrete and reinforcing steel from deterioration and oxidation, ideal for elevator pits, sewage and water treatment tanks. The treatment is highly resistant to most aggressive substances.

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We know that having confidence in your roof begins with having confidence in your roofing contractor and the problem-solving solutions they provide.

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