Best Types of Roofs to Withstand a Hurricane


Most people love when it is beautiful outdoors and are there to enjoy it. But unfortunately, Mother Nature also packs a punch now and then, in the shape of a hurricane, and when it happens, it is essential to have a good roof above your head.

Installing a solid roof is a part of hurricane mitigation, and the best materials to take into account include clay, concrete, slate and wood shakes. Here is why.

slate roofing - Boca Raton construction specialists

Clay, Concrete and Slate roofs

In general, tile roofs (clay tiles, concrete tiles) are considered some of the most durable materials, in any type of climate. These materials largely contribute to creating a solid and stable roof, which can withstand hurricane-force winds, damaging hail and heavy rains. Such a roof typically carries a 30-year warranty, but you can expect its lifespan to be up to 100 years.

As for natural slate, it has even greater lifespan. Slate is a natural stone, and roofs made of these materials actually resisted along the human history. Obviously, roofing Boca Raton construction specialists confirm that it is an excellent choice for buildings situated in hurricane-prone areas. It requires additional work to reinforce the structure of the roof (slate is a very heavy material!) as well as a high upfront investment, but then you will be fully protected and enjoy peace of mind, come what may.

Wood Shakes

Wood shakes are the default roofing material along the U.S. northeastern coastline, but they also work for coastal living, considering that they hold up well in salt water environments and withstand strong winds (up to 245 mph).

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