What is Modified Bitumen Roofing and Why it is a Good Idea for Commercial Buildings


Bitumen is a high-quality construction material, absolutely harmless to human health and the environment. It is insoluble and largely able to withstand most substances derived from organic and inorganic salts, hard water, carbon, carbonic acids and alkalis.

What makes it a good idea for commercial buildings?

High weather resistance, elasticity and breaking strength

The differences in temperature between day and night, between summer and winter, as well as natural disasters or changing weather – sun, rain, hail, ice and storm – are not a problem if you use modified bitumen roofing. The material has an extremely high elasticity, elongation and breaking strength.

High resistance over time

The permanent emission produced by UV radiation, photochemical influences, heat, oxygen, humidity, etc. eventually lead to a natural aging process. Due to the superior quality of the raw materials, competence in production and proper maintenance of the roof, the lifespan of a flat roof covered with modified bitumen membranes is very long.

Maximum safety

Commercial roofing Tampa flat roofing installation experts affirm that a flat roof with modified bitumen membrane guarantees a higher level of safety due to the installation of the membrane in c2 layers, with a total thickness of 9mm. The multilayer system, the high resistance to mechanical stresses during construction, as well as in the later stages of life guarantee a permanent tightness of the waterproofing cover.

Simple and economical application

Modified bitumen membranes are easy and safe to install, even in the cold season.

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