How to Protect Your Business from a Hurricane

caution sign
If you live in a hurricane-prone area or you are simply being cautious and want to protect your business from unforeseen events with potentially disastrous consequences such as a hurricane, you are going to need a preparation checklist. The first step is to craft a customized plan, for when you will need to inform your employees on their obligations and stay in touch with them during the storm. Safeguarding them should be your main concern. Therefore, makes sure to update contact information for all employees and implement a system to offer everyone updates on the evolution of the hurricane. Your commercial property should have evacuation routes; map them out, to remove confusion in critical moments and ease the evacuation process. The next step consists in securing valuable documents and equipment.Take inventory of your business assets and prioritize the most important ones. Finally yet importantly, commercial roofing Orlando disaster repair specialists suggest that you make sure your building is prepared to withstand the hurricane:
  • Fortify your property by installing shutters to protect windows
  • Trim any branches or trees near the building that could fall and cause damage
  • Help protect against flooding by placing sandbags around the property
  • Secure large furniture like bookcases to the wall, using wall studs
  • Turn off all water and electric utilities prior to the hurricane reaching land
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