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Commercial Services: Flat Roof Replacement
Commercial Services: Flat Roof Replacement


Commercial Roofing Services

Crown Commercial Roofing Services is a trusted, full-service commercial roofing company with a strong emphasis on quality craftsmanship and professional communication on every project. We specialize in below-grade waterproofing and restoring, repairing, maintaining, and replacing flat and low-slope roofs for:

  • Multi-use commercial and industrial buildings
  • Apartment, condominiums, or multi-family housing communities
  • Medical facilities
  • Government building
  • Religious institutions
  • Schools and academic campuses
  • Retail developments

Maintenance & Repairs

Commercial Roofing Preventative Maintenance Programs

Bi-annual or annual roof inspections are optimal. This begins with our in-depth analysis and systematic approach to evaluating your building’s entire roof system with a physical inspection. Commercial buildings have complex roof systems which often involves mechanical, electrical, and plumbing system cladding.

Our specialists are trained and knowledgeable on all integrated systems including best practices in Florida, Miami-Dade code requirements along with manufacturer specifications. Using this knowledge, our specialists identify areas that require regular maintenance to avoid future issues. Depending on the condition, age, and location of your roof, our specialists can also recommend a maintenance inspection schedule for your individual property.

Whether it is preventative maintenance or emergency repairs, our skilled technicians can service your roofing issues around the clock.


Our professional team of roofing operation specialists understand how critical it is for communities, businesses, and other property managers to receive prompt and accommodating project management for any roof replacement variables. Our operations team can accommodate to overcome any challenges, including, occupied facilities, nightwork, and special egress requirements to ensure your roof replacement caters to your needs.

Storm Damage Restoration

Let us help you get your commercial property back to normal after a storm. Severe Florida weather can cause havoc on your roofing system, damaging your roof, causing leaks, and creating other issues that can degrade the integrity of your structure. If your commercial property has recently experienced a storm event or has suffered damage, time is of the essence to inspect and restore your roof.  

New Construction

Commercial New Construction Roofing

We understand the specific demands and priorities developers and builders face when bringing their projects to life. That’s why our team of experienced and technical project managers keep to your schedule, work safely with other sub-contractors, monitor roofing contract and communicate effectively with our customers through the new construction process.


Commercial Solar Roofing

Installing a solar roofing system is a simple way to get all the benefits of conventional roofing, plus effortless energy savings. Our solar panel specialists at Crown Roofing & Waterproofing can assess your roof for proper placement and review how solar panels will work for your property’s energy needs.


We know that having confidence in your roof begins with having confidence in your roofing contractor and the problem-solving solutions they provide.

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