4 Signs Your Roofing Contractor Is Ripping You Off?

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Your Roofing Contractor Ripping You Off? With new roofs costing thousands of dollars, it should come as no surprise that con artists posing as professional roofers do exist. In order to reduce your chances of falling prey to roofing rip off you should be aware of the following 4 signs your roofing contractor may be ripping you off.

Storm Chasing

Severe storms can leave homeowners with significant roof damage. During these times of destruction, scammers appearing to be professional roofers tend to come out of the woodwork and prey on concerned homeowners. Homeowners should be aware of roofers appearing after storms and not rush into any immediate decisions. The work done by storm-chasing roofers is often poor quality since they are trying to do as many roofs as possible in a short amount of time. Always check for references and with the Better Business Bureau or the National Roofing Contractors Association to ensure you do not fall victim to this scam.

Bait & Switch

The bait & switch is used by contractors and roofers alike. The roofer or contractor will start with an extremely low bid and the price will only go up from there. Materials may be changed, unannounced upgrades will occur, and additional costs will be added to the bill. Homeowners can avoid the bait and switch by making sure any changes are spelled out in the contract and that all changes must be agreed to by the homeowner before they are executed.

Low Starting Bid

Like the bait and switch, a low starting bid is presented to the homeowner. After work begins, unforeseen problems and higher-than-anticipated costs quickly add up. The safest way to avoid this scam is to abide by the rule “If it’s too good to be true, it probably is.” If a roofer’s quote is significantly lower than his competitors there is a good chance you may be getting ripped off.

Shoddy Work

By rushing jobs and reducing labor time roofers can make more money. Far too often roofers will perform faulty prep work such as not properly reinstalling gutters, flashing, and skylights. You can minimize the chances of falling victim to this rip-off by requesting the roofer go over everything they’ve done each day before they leave. Also, be leery if your roofing project is completed significantly earlier than promised. This can mean shortcuts were taken.

By being aware of these 4 signs you can lessen the chances you are their next victim.

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