Top 7 Tips to Prepare your Roof for Rainy Season

leaking roof

Rainy season in Florida can have devastating effects on a home’s roof. It is important for homeowners to be aware of common roofing issues and how to prepare their roof for the rainy season. While the safest way to begin preparing your roof for the rainy season is to get a full inspection by an experienced, licensed roofer, there are several things homeowners can do to prepare.

  • Check your gutters –Make sure your home’s gutters are free of debris to avoid water backing up. Also, check your downspouts for blockage and clogs and make sure water can flow smoothly through.  Make sure all drains are free from impediments.
  • Check for and remove roof debris. Also, inspect the roof for cracks on the roof’s ridges and cracked or damaged shingles.
  • Make sure the flashing does not have any holes, cracks, or rusted spots. Ensure the flashing is properly sealed and has no holes.
  • Inspect skylights to make sure they are properly sealed and secured
  • Check flat roofs for standing water, deterioration, and discoloration. Inspect tile roofs for missing tile and shingle roofs for missing or cracked shingles.
  • Trim nearby trees and bushes – Dead trees and overhanging branches can damage a roof if they fall on it. Make sure any overhanging tree limbs are trimmed before the rainy season begins.
  • Prevent leaks before they start – Many large roof issues could have been avoided by fixing small leaks and defects before they worsened. Fix the small issues to avoid larger issues later!

An important tip to remember when preparing your roof for the rainy season is that water runs downhill and anything that impedes the water flow can cause a leak and lead to roof damage. Gutters, downspouts, and the roof's condition should always be monitored to avoid major roof damage. Homeowners are always advised to get a roof inspection prior to the rainy season to avoid major leaks and roof damage. An experienced, reputable roofer can help ensure your roof is ready to handle the heavy Florida rainy season.

Who to Call

As many of our Florida residents know, June marks the first full month of Florida’s annual rainy season.  Before this year’s rainy season begins, be proactive and give Crown a call to schedule your appointment for a roof inspection or roof repairs.  Our expert roofers can make sure that your roof is ready to handle the heavy rainfall this season to ensure that your family and your home are protected. We can help repair current roofing systems that may be failing, or we can install new roofing systems to help you and your family stay safe. There’s no job too small and no task too big. Crown has offices across Central, South, and Southwest Florida. Contact us today for a free estimate.

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