Keeping Trees At Bay To Help Avoid Costly Roof Repairs


Trees and other vegetation can help offer stunning curb appeal to your home, but they can be dangerous to the roof of your home if placed improperly.  Oftentimes, trees that are planted too close to a home can cause severe damage to the roof and other structural components of your home.  Our roofing contractors in Fort Myers recommend you consider the tips listed below to help you avoid dangerous and costly repairs to your Lee County home.

According to the National Storm Damage Center, trees that are damaged by severe weather cause over $1 billion in property damage in the US every year.  Broken branches and trees that have fallen can damage structures, roofs, siding, windows, cars, and virtually everything in their way.  While it may not be the fault of a weak tree, healthy branches that are continuously blowing in the wind and continuously rubbing on your roof will eventually cause damage.  When the outer layer of your roof is compromised, leaks can happen.

Our Lehigh Acres roofing contractors remind you that it’s not only the branches of your trees that you’ve got to worry about, but the leaves they hold.  If trees are too close to your home, your home’s gutter system can easily get clogged with these leaves, allowing an accumulation of rainwater and an increased probability of leaks in your attic and/or other moisture damage.  If you’re interested in learning how to keep your home safe from trees and the related dangers they can cause to your roof, read on for some helpful tips that can help to avoid costly repairs.

Hire An Arborist:

If you’ve got a lot of trees and other tall-standing vegetation in your yard, it’s an excellent idea to recruit the expertise of an arborist.  With a professional perspective, you can more easily identify any current problems your yard may have, many of which you may never have noticed without a trained eye.  These can include infections or growth problems, which oftentimes lead to serious damage and costly repairs.

Trim The Limbs:

To help to protect your home and to keep squirrels and other tree-climbing pests away from your home, it’s recommended that you keep your yard’s trees trimmed and away from your home.  While some homeowners and renters opt to do these chores themselves, the do-it-yourself approach can come with a number of risks.  For example, your trees man be unbalanced upon trimming completion.  In these cases, trees are much more likely to shed branches, or even topple over, during extreme winds.  While the thought of the up-front savings of doing it yourself may appeal to you now, it’s important to remember that it will usually pay off better in the long run to hire professional help and avoid potentially costly roof repairs or a complete replacement.

Clear The Roof:

It’s important that you clear leaves and other debris from your roof on a fairly regular basis.  Gathered leaves can clog your gutters, and when leaves and other debris gather they can disrupt the flow of rain.  When this happens, water can slip under the shingles and cause serious damage and/or roof leaks.

If your home’s trees have gotten the best of your roof, call our roofing contractors in Bonita Springs at (855) 685-3850 today for a free estimate. Not only do we provide regular inspections, but we can help to repair current roofing systems that may be failing or we can install new roofing systems to best help you and your family stay safe. There’s no job to small and no task too big. With offices in Fort Myers, Orlando, Sarasota and Miami, we’re here to help with all of your roofing needs.

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