Ditching The Roof Dinge


Has a dingy roof got you down?  Is your roof suffering from those dreaded black streaks?  If you answered no, consider yourself lucky because there is quite a number of residents in the area who are suffering from the algae-infested eyesore.  Luckily, our Lehigh roofing company is prepared for the battle.

These black streams are actually caused from airborne algae that is driven by humidity.  Typically, this will happen on asphalt shingle roofs.  Although many homeowners attribute the streaks to an accumulation of dirt or mildew, the culprit is most often a blue-green algae called Gloeocapsa Magma, an algae spread by airborne spores.  Algae-infected roofs can wind up increasing the owner’s energy bill and will most likely decrease the life of the roof.  If black streaks appear on your home, it’s important to take action!

Although most shingles come with algae resistant (AR) options already built in, our Fort Myers roofers understand that their typical 10 to 15-year warranty may not be enough to fight the funk.  Once that time runs out, the streaks are bound to return due to the nature of airborne.  While this condition is cleanable, the risks of damaging a roof are pretty serious.  For example, you never want to use a pressure washer on your roof as it can seriously compromise the life of your shingles – not to mention it’s a recipe for a roof leak.  (Remember – it’s reasons like this that explain why we have “hot” warnings on coffee cups.)

If your roof is due for a replacement, your best bet is to move ahead with the upgrade.  Not only will your roof look much, much better, but it’ll be engineered to better protect you and your family.  In recent years, shingle manufacturers have raised the bar in the fight against the dinge.  For example, some even offer a limited lifetime warranty on algae streaks.  In most cases, these manufacturers will clean or completely replace the roof for you should the problem persist.

When mold and mildew aren’t removed and left to build up on a roof, moss – a thick green spongy material – can develop.  Like algae, moss thrives in a humid environment.  When moss isn’t removed, it keeps roofing shingles damp, allowing moisture to erode the shingles.

If you’ve spotted any of these conditions on your home’s roof, it’s critical to take action!  Algae spores, since they’re airborne, can quickly spread across your roof.  While it may not be especially dangerous to your home, it can be devastating to the resale value of your home.

If you’re looking for a new roof and are selecting a shingle for your home, it’s an excellent idea to choose a dark enough shingle to disguise the staining should it return.  You can also look into shingles laced with copper granules, which are lethal to algae.

It’s a fight when it comes to algae and we refuse to lose.  If your home is suffering from an algae infestation and it’s compromising the life of your roof and the safety of your family, call our Naples roofers at (855) 685-3850 today for a free estimate on repairs and reroofs. We can help to repair current roofing systems that may be failing or we can install new roofing systems to best help you and your family stay safe. There’s no job to small and no task too big. With offices in Fort Myers, Orlando, Sarasota and Miami, we’re here to help with all of your roofing needs.

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