Holiday Roof Decorating Tips


The holiday season is upon us and during this time many families will be joining together to celebrate the festivities.  In preparation of these celebrations, homeowners and renters will be decorating their homes from the inside out.  For many families, decorating outside includes installing lights and other holiday garnishments on the roof.  While decorating can be fun and the results are beautiful, remember to always put your safety first, especially while decorating your rooftop.

Working with any kind of electric lights can be dangerous and putting them on your rooftop or along the edge of your home can potentially result in unfortunate accidents and injuries.  According to the 2000-2003 fact sheet from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), nearly 6,000 people wind up in the emergency room during the holidays because of holiday decorating-related falls, and most of these falls (43%) were falls from from ladders.  So,  if your holiday decorating plans include climbing on a ladder and installing lights or other holiday decor on the roof of your home, learning some ladder safety tips could help to save you from a trip to the emergency room.

Holiday Ladder Safety Tips 

  • Decorate during the day to ensure that there is enough lighting while installing your holiday lights.
  • Get help. Recruiting a friend or family member hold the ladder and assist you while decorating helps to keep things safer and can also make it easier.
  • Make sure your ladder is sturdy and on level ground.
  • Follow all warning labels. Never stand on the top rungs of the ladder.
  • Wear shoes with non-skid soles.  Avoid flip flops or sandals.
  • Only hang decorations during good weather.  Avoid windy or rainy days.

Visit Holiday Safety Tips for more information and additional tips on holiday decorating safety from the National Safety Council.

While Crown offers services for all of your roof repair and roofing needs, the safety of you and your family is important to us.   We would like you to wish you a safe and happy holiday.  If you have any concerns with your roof we can guide you and help you with our free quote.  Call today at (855) 685-3850.

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