With five offices throughout the state and more than 500 employees, we are Florida’s largest and most trusted roofing contractor.

We utilize state-of-the-art technology, durable roofing materials, and trained roofing experts to guarantee the highest standards in the quality and performance of your selected roofing system.

Answering calls 24/7 our staff will support you and your project from consultation through to completion – on time and on budget!

Crown has managed multimillion-dollar roofing operations for over 10 years and collectively has more than 75 years of roofing and corporate management experience. Crown Roofing Services all of central, South, and Southwest Florida. We specialize in new construction roofing, roofing replacements, roof maintenance, and any other roof services need.

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We know that having confidence in your roof begins with having confidence in your roofing contractor and the problem-solving solutions they provide.

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