What is Rubber Roofing?

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Rubber roofing refers to EPDM membranes – 100% synthetic single layer membranes, vulcanized in EPDSM foils of different thicknesses, chemically stable, with virtually unlimited UV and Ozone resistance. These types of EPDM roofing materials do not contain plasticizers.

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More than a half of a century has passed since the installation of the first EPDM membrane; in the meantime, billions of square meters have been installed worldwide for various applications, from flat roofs to pools and water storage tanks. Membranes installed five decades ago are analyzed annually by manufacturers and, so far, their mechanical performance is still very good and no replacement is in order. No other waterproofing membrane has been able to approach or match such longevity requirements, which is why the use of EPDM membranes is growing exponentially, every year.

Exceptional elongation of over 300% is a parameter that allows taking over mechanical stresses as no other material can do. In demand Orlando commercial roofing contractors know that EPDM waterproofing membranes are flexible, capable of absorbing the dimensional changes of the support on which they are applied, changes generated by constructive defects, uneven earth settlements or landslides.

EPDM membrane waterproofing systems can be used and installed in any type of climatic conditions, as they remain flexible even at -40ºC.

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