What are Flat Roof Scuppers?

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In modern architecture, the flat roof is very popular, and flat roof repairs are just as common. Even more attractive is the installation of a flat circulating roof, transformed into a garden or other type of relaxation area. However, many people are still reluctant about opting for this type of roof, especially because of preconceived notions about its drainage capabilities.

It is good to know that roofing materials and technologies have been very much improved along the years, to the point that nowadays you can get optimal protection regardless of the type of roof you choose.

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Qualified Orlando commercial roofing contractors confirm that there are actually several ways to drain a flat roof:

  • Inner Drains
  • Gutters
  • Siphonic Roof Drains
  • Scuppers

A roof scupper is a flat roof drainage system that allows the water runoff from the surface of the roof to exit, through the deck or through a parapet wall, into a downspout. This system formed by scuppers and downspouts is very efficient for collecting the water and preventing it from leaking down the walls.

Scuppers have a few significant advantages compared to other flat roof drainage options with a lower cost. Some models are wide enough for leaves and twigs not to get stuck and block the water drainage flow.

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