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Downtown Sarasota, Florida | Suncoast Aerials/Shutterstock
Downtown Sarasota, Florida | Suncoast Aerials/Shutterstock

Sarasota is a city located at the Sarasota county. south of Tampa on Florida. with miles of beaches with the most beautifull sand and critaline waters. Such as Siesta Key Beach, Lido beach and more. Limits for sarasota city include Lido Key, st:Amands Key, Case Key, Coon Key, Bird key and a few portions of Siesta key. The longobat key separate the bay frm, the gulf. Sarasota has a humid subtropical climate with hot summers, and warm windters very close to tropical climate.

Sarasota, Florida is a beautiful, sunny and warm place to live. However, heavy storms and the occasional hurricane can cause damage toyour roof.

There are also numerous other unforeseen hazards a roof can face. Crown Roofing will work with your insurance company to get the best new roof or roof repair done for you. If you are not ready for a full new roof installation, Crown Roofing is available to fix leaks and any damage your roof has sustained due to age or weather.

We provide the following services


Where do I find a Sarasota Residential Roofing Contractor near me?

We are available for emergency roof repairs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Visit our Sarasota office: 240 Field End St, Sarasota, Fl 342540

Don’t wait for the next hurricane to come around, repair your roof now for the safety of all who reside in your home.

We are committed to excellence. Our 24 hour Service Department is on-call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We aim is to give both the individual homeowner and businesses peace of mind, knowing they are in capable hands with a licensed and insured Sarasota.

Crown Roofing is pleased to help with a wide selection of needs in local communities near Sarasota, including:


1. Schools


2. Shoping Malls


3. Hotels


4. Restaurants


5. Neighborhoods

  • Longboat Key
  • Case Key
  • Siesta Key
  • City of Anna Maria
  • Esplanada Siesta Key
  • Southside Village
  • Manatee River District
  • Grand Palm
  • McClellan Park
  • Venezia Park Historic
  • District on the Island of Venice
  • Downtown Sarasota: The Mark
  • Downtown Sarasota: Laurel Park
  • Downtown Bradenton: River Dance
  • The Rosemary District
  • Payne Park Village
  • South Gate
  • And much more!

Getting minor repairs done as they occur, compared to fixing significant damage resulting from neglect, can be a big money saver. Bi-annual or annual checkups from our roofing contractors in Sarasota will ensure that you never face this dilemma, no matter your type of roof or its condition.

Checkup and cleaning maintenance plans provided by the roofing consultants at Crown Roofing in Sarasota include:

  •  Clearing of valleys (the lower areas of the roof where things tend to collect)
  •  Replacement and repair of broken or loose shingles or tiles.
  • Cleaning out gutters
  • Roof cleaning and sealing. We only use a soft brush that doesn’t do damage as pressure washing may. After the roof is clean, adding a quality sealant will allow dirt and debris to rinse away.


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