Most Durable Roof Types for a Business

There are several coating options for flat roofs, but membranes are currently the best solution. Of the types of membranes, the most durable are considered to be the EPDM roofing materials.

EPDM membranes are rubber-based waterproofing systems that contain ethylene-propylene-diene monomer. To increase their strength, an additional reinforcement is made using polyester mesh. This makes it possible to use these membranes in all regions, even in those with a cold climate.

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Flat roofing Tampa commercial roofers say that EPDM characteristics have a number of advantages over other roofing materials:

  • Reduced cost
  • Resistance to aging
  • Durability (lifespan of at least half a century)
  • Resistance to extreme temperatures
  • Ability to withstand various weather events, ultraviolet rays and ozone
  • They preserve their properties and aspect very well, even if they are exposed to direct sunlight
  • Fire resistant
  • Elasticity in a wide range of temperatures (from minus 40 to 110 degrees Celsius)
  • Lightweight
  • They do not react with bituminous materials
  • The stretching ratio reaches 300%, with full return
  • Eco-friendly, they do not emit toxic substances throughout their lifespan
  • The size of the membrane can be easily adjusted to the size of the roof, because it comes in rollers that are connected easily by vulcanization (the seams have the properties of the base material, and the size of a sheet can reach 1200 m2)
  • The roof becomes waterproof and stays clean
  • It is not necessary to place geotextiles between the EPDM membrane and the thermal insulation layer

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