How your roof can affect your electrical bill

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By increasing the energy efficiency of your home you will have lower costs with electricity consumption, on the one hand, and you will save natural resources, thus contributing to the protection of the environment, on the other hand.

Do you know how much heat a home loses on average?

  • 10-25% is lost through the roof
  • 20-30% is lost through the walls
  • 30-40% is lost due to an inadequate ventilation system
  • 15-25% is lost through the windows
  • Up to 6% is lost through the basement

Finding the best solution for roof insulation should be a priority. It all comes to the need to bring the entire surface of the roof to the best possible level of passivity to both exterior and interior factors.  Highly principled roofing companies in Sarasota Florida confirm that properly installed thermal insulation will target two work areas:

  • The entire interior surface to be thermally insulated (the attic)
  • The entire exterior surface, for waterproofing and sound insulation

Given that there are many materials for both areas, it remains only to choose the most suitable for each type.

For this level of insulation of the house, it is recommended not to compromise neither on the quality of the material used, nor of the workmanship. The result will have, in practice, three distinct benefits:

  • Significant reduction of heat loss
  • Preserving the integrity of walls, floors and their finishes
  • Ensuring a constant temperature regime, throughout all seasons

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