How Proper Tree Maintenance can Help You Avoid Costly Roof Repairs

Even only at 50-60 kilometers per hour, wind can snatch a roof. Physicists find that the higher the wind speed and the larger the roof surface, the more destructive the force.

But the wind can also be the enemy of roofs indirectly, by causing tree branches to hit the roof or its edges, damaging shingles, gutters and other accessories. In the worst case scenario, tree branches can be broken by storms and fall down on the roof. In this case, the damage will likely be extensive and may go far beyond damaged shingles.

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To prevent such problems that will also involve costly repairs, accomplished roofing companies in Sarasota suggest that you include tree maintenance along with scheduled roof maintenance. You do not have to get rid of all the trees from your property. Just make sure to trim branches that come too close to the roof or overhang above it. However, if you have a very old and partially dried tree near your house, you might want to consider cutting it down, otherwise it might be put down by a storm – and not necessarily in an elegant and risk-free way. If you do not have the tools or the necessary experience to cut down a tree, contact a professional tree removal and tree care service.

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