Here’s Why You Should Have Your Roof Cleaned Regularly

The roof is a crucial structure for any house, protecting it from the elements and ensuring its residents the comfort they need. To be maintained regularly and keep it in good shape one of the maintenance operations required is cleaning.

There are many benefits to gain from keeping your roof clean:

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  • Functional benefits

 A clean roof will be able to prove its reflective feature, saving you money on utilities. On the other hand, a roof covered with algae and mold will not be able to reflect the heat and it will actually absorb it, making your house heat up more than it should.

Mold and algae will also slowly damage your roof’s shingles by feeding on them. The hot and humid climate creates the perfect environment for these problems if people avoid cleaning their roofs.

The moisture and the smell of rotting wood attract pests, but a regular roof cleaning and maintenance inspection can keep them away!

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