First Steps to Take After Your Home has been Hit by a Storm

Watching your home being hit by a powerful storm can be scary. Sometimes you will be lucky and your house escapes intact, but other times you will have to deal with all kinds of damage. In this situation, acting quickly by contacting 24/7 Emergency roof repair specialists promptly to fix what they can.

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There are actions to be taken in the hours and days afterward.

  1. Look for a general building inspector. You need such a professional to inspect your house and identify all types of damage. A storm can destroy roofs, facades, electrical systems etc., so you will need guidance through the process of identifying the damage you are dealing with. Documenting problems properly is also important for making your insurance claim, and having a specialist by your side is essential. Make sure to have expert Sarasota roofers inspect and assess roofing damages, so you can make sure your insurance coverage is adequate.
  2. Contact your insurer. Do not start any repair and rebuild operation without contacting your insurance company. The company will send one of its adjusters to your home to evaluate the damage and determine the amount of compensation you should receive. You can contest this evaluation with the one you have got from the general inspector, based on the documentation you have gathered.
  3. Choose trustworthy contractors to repair and rebuild. You may need several types of contractors, depending on the damage: professional roofers, siding specialists, fence installers, electricians etc. Alternatively, you can consider hiring a general contractor to do the job.

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