Best Types of Commercial Roofs for Florida Businesses

Here are two modern types of flat roof cover materials, suitable for Florida businesses.

Roofs covered with single-ply membranes and photovoltaic panels.

The solar panel industry is growing day by day, and the demand in this field is growing by leaps and bounds. The installation of photovoltaic solar panels and the exploitation of solar energy bring only benefits, not only to residential building owners, but also to commercial building owners and managers, as solar panels can be mounted on all types of roofs – pitched or flat. Single-ply membranes are very resistant for this type of application, representing one of the best coating solutions. A single-ply commercial roof with photovoltaic panels is an option that works great in Florida’s sunny climate.

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Expert roof specialists in Tampa have found the advantages photovoltaic panels offer are: energy independence (solar energy captured by the panels is free, autonomous and inexhaustible), the production of ecological energy, with zero pollution and, therefore, the contribution to a healthier environment.


Green roofs

Green roofs look beautiful and offer many advantages. They naturally retain water, collect dust and do not overheat, not even when they are exposed to very high temperatures. They protect the roof through waterproofing layers from the influence of the environment and prolong their life expectancy. In line with the eco-friendly trend, green roofs will be more and more required in urban development projects they can be used to create natural habitats.

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